National Cancer Institute

"[LSY] was very patient with demands of physicians. Very responsive to our needs."
- Joseph Chinquee
"LSY’s associates are quite skilled at designing both clinical and research laboratories. They demonstrated a fluent combination of knowledge-based expertise and creative flexibility, resulting in designs that we fully expect will support beautifully the activities to be carried out in these spaces. In addition to their technical skills, they were consistently responsive in our interactions and timely in their production."
- J. Carl Oberholtzer, MD, PhD

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

"Your team’s overall attention to maintaining project schedules and budgets along with your high level of design expertise and creativity have resulted in the successful design of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing projects."
- Rita Ward
"The complexity of the domino-like move activities and the number of scientist have made this an extremely challenging project to manage. The LSY staff led by Heather Johnson have done a superb job of keeping the project team focused so that difficult issues have been resolved in a timely manner. They have done everything I have asked for and more."
- John Hollingsworth

National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases

"Your ability to understand detailed scientific needs, resolve conflicting program demands, and convert the outpouring of information into tangible goals helped move the design team towards development of an exceptional, state-of-the-art biocontainment facility that will enable NIAID to fulfill its leadership role in infectious diseases research."
- Kyung Kim

National Institutes of Health

"Your team’s ability to coordinate the project phasing with each of the users of the Pharmacy, EKG, Phlebotomy, and PEDS allowed operations in these departments to maintain crucial operations without disruption. Your team’s attention to aggressive project schedules and budgets along with your high level of design expertise and creativity has resulted in the successful design of a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing project. I have found construction documents and specifications prepared by your team to be comprehensive and thoroughly detailed. This attention to detail, along with the knowledgeable and attentive interaction with NIH personnel, has resulted in the success of this project."
- Mansour Haghjou
"The effort and professionalism of each person was as good as any in my 24-year experience at NIH. I would not hesitate to recommend the organizational or individual services of those who participated in this project."
- Mansour Haghjou
"The LSY design team proactively engaged the numerous project stakeholders, developed creative solutions to difficult requirements, and successfully maintained an extremely aggressive project schedule. The work performed by LSY on this project has been professional, responsive, and of high quality. The personnel assigned to this project have exhibited not only outstanding technical expertise but also unique sensitives when dealing with conflicting and changing user requirements."
- Wayne Appenzellar, AIA
"Of utmost importance has been the level of unfailing support and willingness to assist the NIH not only in articulating its sometimes conflicting or loosely defined needs. There was not one occasion in which LSY did not positively and cooperatively respond to our request for added support, particularly important on a project which was constructed by a less than satisfactory contractor. This is additionally important when we remember that LSY was not the original renovation architect, having been engaged only to redesign the renovation plans and to bring the project within compliance with budgetary and scheduling goals."
- Phillip Neuberg
"The A/E performed exceptionally. They stood behind their work and were proactive in aiding the government to correct construction issues. Their contribution to the team was instrumental in completing the project and their support was invaluable in dealing with a difficult contractor. LSY’s team point of view solved problems and conflicts and compensated when the contractor slipped. The design was complete, well thought out and constructible. They reworked as necessary to keep the project moving forward."
- Earl Johnson
"Excellent interaction with multiple customers. Excellent compliance with stringent LSY regulations. Met an extremely aggressive schedule driven by ARRA funding. All staff I have dealt with have great depth of knowledge and are very responsible."
- Wayne Appenzellar, AIA

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

"The project’s success is due to the dedication and professionalism that LSY and its employees personify. Their dedication and experience was invaluable and LSY deserves a lot of credit for bringing the completion of the project to fruition ahead of schedule."
- Ben Tall, PhD

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Maryland Department of General Services

Loudoun County, VA

National Institute of Standards and Technology

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs

U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. National Arboretum

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Association of Public Health Laboratories

"Along with your design flexibility and creativity, the LSY team’s attention to maintaining the budget made this project a success."
- Scott Becker

American Academy of Physician Assistants

"The LSY team was especially helpful in using the new space to enhance AAPA’s image and align with our branding efforts. LSY’s detailed space planning efforts helped organize our new headquarters to enhance workflow, productivity and collaboration in a light-filled, vibrant space."
- Sabrina L. Smith

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Baxter Bioscience

Association of Public Health Laboratories

American Academy of Physician Assistants


JBG Commercial Management

Phelps & Phelps

Whiting Turner

Smithers Avanza


Higgins Development

Hill International

Association for Molecular Pathology

Patriot Construction

Polu Kai Services

Landivar & Associates

Amatea LLC

Healthcare Design Builders

Vigene Biosciences

Rapa Therapeutics


Children’s National Medical Center

"Of particular note was the LSY team’s ability to bring together a diverse group of doctors, scientists and other stakeholders to develop cohesive, creative design solutions while maintaining the aggressive schedule needed to meet corporate expectations."
- Lee Barton

University of Maryland Medical Center

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

National Institutes of Health

Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital

Higher Education

University of North Dakota

"We have found construction documents prepared by LSY to be comprehensive and thoroughly detailed. LSY did an extraordinary job in helping UND navigate the construction process. The overall quality of work is outstanding and construction is being completed two weeks ahead of schedule."
- Glenda Lindseth, PhD

Gallaudet University

"The LSY team’s attention to detail, overall design approach and extensive knowledge in laboratory planning made this project a success. The team expeditiously resolved construction issues to meet the project budget and schedule requirements."
- Michael A. Fields, AIA

George Mason University

"LSY has always been exceptionally professional and operated with integrity. Thus the multiple jobs they have obtained here. I would recommend them highly."
- Mike Herman

University of Maryland

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health

University of Virginia

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Eastern Mennonite University

University of the District of Columbia

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Tulane University

Rutgers University

University of Pittsburgh

University of Delaware

Georgetown University

University of Minnesota

University of Missouri

State University of New York

Towson University

Baltimore City Community College

University of Alabama