Bio-Infomatics Office – National Institute of Neurological Disorders

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Bethesda, MD

Project Synopsis

The NINDS Bio-Informatics Office facilitates biomedical informatics for all NINDS research programs as well as overseeing Information Technology support services and infrastructure. This project renovated 1,000 SF on the 8th floor of the Claude D. Pepper Building to provide open and enclosed offices for powerful computer suites. The design intent was to produce a contemporary look reflective of the high tech nature of the work taking place within the facility. A sage green and cream color palette paired with white maple doors in aluminum frames with side lights created an aesthetically-appealing environment which was a drastic improvement from the previously, dark and enclosed computer lab used by these technicians. Key design elements include a feature / focal wall with a flat screen monitor to display the programmers’ work for collaborative work sessions with researchers. Transparent dividers in the furniture extended available natural light which further reduced the need for electrical lighting. In addition, the aluminum mesh ceiling and selective accent lighting over the open office area, add to the modern “high tech” feel of the space.

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