Center of Biotechnology & Bioengineering Vivarium Renovation 

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Synopsis

Renovation of the 1st floor vivarium at the Center of Biotechnology and Bioengineering accommodates a new program that required a significant increase in the rodent housing population. The renovated facility will provide a 4-fold increase in the rodent population including a maximum of 280 rat cages and 3,300 mouse cages; the existing large animal holding room, and one flex holding room capable of housing either large animals or an additional 600 mouse cages. The rodent colony will be more clearly segregated into barrier and non-barrier animals, with 280 rats and 2,300 mice residing within the barrier.

The existing cage wash facility required significant enlargement and enhancement to accommodate a weekly load of up to 3,000 additional rodent cages. Space in both the soiled and clean side of cage wash were enlarged, and cage processing augmented, through the addition of a high through-put tunnel type cage washer, automated bedding dispenser, bottle filler, and a large bulk autoclave.

The existing personnel facilities were expanded to include additional offices, a meeting/break room sized for up to eight users, and a shared kitchenette/office equipment area.

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