CNMC Animal Research Facility Expansion

Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC

Project Synopsis

This 34,000 SF project included a research laboratory constructed on the 6th floor and an ABSL-2 rodent vivarium expansion constructed in the basement of the existing building. The use of an open laboratory design maximized the available natural light to provide an aesthetically appealing work environment. In addition, floor-to-ceiling glass partitions were used in conjunction with open office system workstations, allowing exterior light and a view to the bench spaces.

Faculty, staff and related research personnel are located in a mechanically-isolated office zone to increase the energy efficiency of the building, provide for personnel safety and enhance communication between researchers.

The expansion increased the existing vivarium by 12,000 sf and allowed researchers to expand their studies by providing additional holding, procedure rooms and a state-of-the-art imaging center. Reconfiguration of the vivarium reduced the transport of animals and, thereby, improved isolation of the vivarium from hospital patients, staff, and visitors.

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