Diagnostic Radiology Department

National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Project Synopsis

This comprehensive master plan and phased renovation of the Diagnostic Radiology Department reorganized and consolidated departmental modalities to improve the physical proximity of interrelated components, facilitate operations, and enhance staff interaction and patient flow. LSY’s design eliminated redundant corridors, allows space for projected growth, and provides a clear circulation network with a hierarchal system of corridors and waiting areas.

The modalities and groupings include MRI Suite, CT Suite, CT/Angio Suite (interventional), Radiology/Fluoroscopy/Mammography Suite, Ultrasound Suite, Staff Services, as well as administration and information areas. Utility systems were rehabilitated to ensure long-term power capacity for new diagnostic equipment and a new emergency power system. The HVAC system was also upgraded to rectify occupational safety deficiencies with proper pressurization of containment zones for infection control zones.

A complex, multi-phase plan was developed to allow continued delivery of patient services with minimal disruption during all phases of the project. The Departmental groupings and diagnostic equipment remained operational as well, minimizing overall construction costs.

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