National Institutes of Health Building 10 Clinical Center F-Wing Modernization

Bethesda, MD

Project Synopsis

This LEED Gold, phased renovation converted former patient care units to generic laboratories and support spaces. The F Wing had been decommissioned from its former function and was dormant for several years. The LSY team was responsible for assessment of the existing conditions and realigning the infrastructure for the new program which included facilities for various research and clinical activities such as hematology, developmental histology, laser capture, micro- dissection, cytopathology, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, electro‐ microscopy and molecular diagnostics.

This project involved development of a Program of Requirements (POR) consolidating the management and clinical functions of several Institutes, and an existing building assessment characterizing the renovations that would be required to accommodate the new functions. The assessment included new infrastructure design and distribution, as well as interior and exterior upgrades. All environmental remediation and life safety controls were incorporated into the assessment.

The LSY team designed an energy-efficient chilled beam system for a modern approach to room conditioning through two energy-saving methods. 1) Delivering primary air from the central system to the chilled beams through high velocity nozzles and, 2) Induced room air passing over water coils inside the chilled beam.

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