Preston Martin

Architectural Designer

Preston was introduced to architecture through a program in St. Louis, Missouri that focused on a range of construction trades and skills. He was drawn to architecture’s potential to combine his love of people with construction. This led Preston to Tuskegee University where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree, and then to Savannah College of Art & Design for his Master of Fine Arts in Historic Preservation.

Preston enjoys engaging with people and focuses on the effect spaces have and their use in built environments. Preston believes, “It’s not enough to build, but to actually alter the perception a person has through size, color, texture, and location. One space does not necessarily fit all.” In his work at LSY, Preston applies the technical aspects of architectural design, building systems and research to meet the needs of various project types. He appreciates the challenges inherent in renovation projects and the application of construction phasing to minimize the disruption of ongoing operations within occupied facilities.

Favorite Sports Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Fun Fact: Preston created an organization advocating effective communication amongst black men and improving their mental health


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