Primate Facility Renovation

Bethesda, MD

Project Synopsis

The NIH Building 14D is a 56 year old ABSL-2 vivarium facility currently occupied by the Division of Veterinary Resources, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the National Cancer Institute. Over many years, countless repairs and renovations had been performed on several of the laboratories and animal holding areas and over time the equipment and distribution systems became increasingly unstable. As a result, the occupants experienced various malfunctions and were often subject to inadequate ventilation. Prior to beginning the design, LSY completed an in-depth study and subsequent bridging document outlining the need for renovation. The NIH proposed Master Plan included demolition of the Building 14 complex and replacing it with a new Animal Research Center. With the anticipated demolition in mind, LSY paid careful attention to keeping costs minimal. The renovation provided infrastructure upgrades to 34,000 sf of research space, including a 5,400 sf renovation of the NCI vivarium to allow or the housing of 100 additional non-human primates and provide infrastructure upgrades and rack washer replacement. The design made previously unusable space functional and provides improved procedure suites.

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