Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Project Synopsis

Constructed in 1989, the Biomedical Science Tower’s laboratory floors were extremely inflexible, highly balkanized, and lacked collaboration areas. A full gut renovation was required to create modern, flexible laboratories and offices for the Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine and Vascular Medicine Institute. Working closely with each laboratory group, opportunities for shared support functions were realized, as well as the requirements for isolation of incompatible laboratories.

LSY’s design increased space efficiency by 25% with the reduction of corridor size, and dramatically improves scientific collaboration and communication between researchers by clustering similar functions and groups. Modular plug and play casework in the open lab configuration enhances workflow and will facilitate the reallocation of research space in the future.

The addition of windows in the open design gives 75% of spaces access to natural light, while transparency in furnishings and finishes further allows daylight and view to penetrate deep into the space.

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